Introduction of RJ45 interface and characteristics

The RJ45 interface can be quickly connected to the RJ45 connector for network card or HUB. The transparent connector connects the two ends of the twisted pair. In fact, RJ45 is a network interface similar to RJ11, but it is different in terms of application range. The RJ11 interface is used to connect a telephone line, so it is usually called a “phone interface”. However, the RJ45 interface is installed at both ends of the twisted pair and can be easily plugged into a hub, NIC or switch that is essential for network communication. The following is Dosin Electronic’s introduction to the RJ45 interface and the characteristics and performance of the RJ45 connector!

Brief introduction of RJ45 interface:

According to the international connector standard, the RJ45 interface has an eight-position modular jack or connector with a crystal clear appearance. Therefore it is called “crystal head”. The RJ45 8-pin connector requires a specific identification method. First, point the connector toward the 8 small gold-plated pieces downwards, toward the other end, where you find the large rectangular port filled with network cables, and the end facing you does not have a small plastic bayonet.

In today’s society, whether it is for study or work, the Internet is an indispensable part of people’s lives. Therefore, RJ45 connectors play a vital role in the market. There are many brands and types of RJ45 connectors that can meet market needs. RJ45 connectors can be divided into industrial or non-industrial connectors. The performance of industrial RJ45 connectors is not limited by the specifications of non-industrial RJ45 connectors. Industrial RJ45 connectors comply with all ISO/IEC 11801 standards.

RJ45 network socket standard:

1. The physical size of the RJ45 network socket connection conforms to the IEC (60) 603-7, 8-pin “RJ45” standard.
2. The number of standard wires of the cable terminal of the RJ45 network socket is 8.

RJ45 connectors have a variety of quality characteristics and product performance:

1. Excellent sealing and waterproof performance, to ensure that the RJ45 connector can be used in different environments to achieve the best performance.
2. A complete shielding system ensures that the RJ45 connector will not be attenuated during signal transmission.
3. The safety locking system technology can prevent the RJ45 connector from detaching during use, resulting in unstable signal transmission.
4. High-speed information transmission helps to realize the maximum data transmission function in the shortest time and reduce energy waste.


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