Dosin Production Factory

Factory building

Own Factory Covers Over 20000 Square Feet

Production workers

Over 280 Employees Worldwide


Advanced Inventory Management System


Mold Processing Lathe

Injection molding lathe

Injection Molding Lathe

Die casting lathe

Die Casting Lathe

Semi-automatic assembly line

Semi-Automatic Assembly Line

Product Workshop (2)

Modern Production Workshop

Manufacturing Process

Material Selection and Procurement

We have established long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers to ensure that we obtain materials that meet the standards and undergo stringent quality checks.

Process Flow and Engineering Control

We have a defined process flow and engineering control system to ensure that each stage of production is precisely controlled and monitored.

Precision Machining and Assembly

Our production facilities have the high precision and automation capabilities to perform precise machining and assembly operations.

Plugging force test

Quality Inspection and Testing

Our state-of-the-art quality inspection equipment allows us to carry out comprehensive quality checks and performance tests to ensure that each connector meets quality requirements.

Customized Solutions