The reliability of the connector can consider the following factors:

  1. Materials for product design and product manufacturing
  2. Operating environment
  3. Functional requirements The application environment, especially temperature, humidity, and corrosiveness, determines which of its own failure mechanisms will take effect, and the functional requirements of the connector determine what degree of failure is allowed.

The connector reliability evaluation procedure includes the following contents:

  1. Determine the acceptable standards for the application, including terminal resistance and other failure modes. According to the importance of the application, confirm the failure mechanism and classify it.
  2. Develop a test program to deal with the failure mechanism in the predicted application, arrange and rank it.
  3. Determine the acceleration factor and do special tests if possible.
  4. Based on the data obtained from the appraisal program, perform appropriate data analysis and data statistical processing.
  5. The above steps to assess reliability depend on engineering judgment. The manufacturer and user of the connector should unanimously agree on the content and method of the authentication procedure.

The connector is defined in terms of function and structure:

  1. The electronic connector provides a separable connection between two subsystems in an electronic system without unacceptably affecting the performance of the system.
  2. Separability is the reason we want to use the connector, which is convenient for the maintenance and upgrade of the subsystems or parts of a system. At the same time, this connection cannot have any unacceptable impact on the performance of the system. For example, signal absorption, attenuation, power loss. The requirements for detachable and unacceptable limits depend on the specific application requirements of the connector.
  3. From the structural definition, the connector has four structural elements: A, the contact interface between the terminals (between) B, the surface treatment of the terminals C, the reed D of the terminals, and the housing of the connector.

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