For connectors in medical equipment applications, their reliability is very important. In order to ensure stable transmission of signals with minimal changes, the contacts of medical connectors must maintain good contact force and corrosion resistance. However, due to some factors, the contact force of the medical connector is lost. In this article, the Dosin connector engineer mainly explains the two phenomena that cause the loss of contact force of the medical connector.

Permanent deformation of medical connector contacts:
If the contact of the medical connector is used for a longer time, the contact may be permanently deformed due to excessive force, which greatly reduces the contact force.

Stress relaxation of medical connector contacts:
When the contacts of the medical connector are in a flexed state, a certain amount of stress will be generated in the metal. Under a stable deflection, this stress will relax over time. Because the stress is the force that generates the contact force, The force will also decrease, and the decrease in stress will mean that its contacts will not return to their original configuration when disconnected. Therefore, stress relaxation can also be considered a delayed permanent deformation phenomenon.

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