DB15 is also called VGA connector. It can be said to be everywhere in daily life. Usually it is a 3-row 15-pin DB connector. The following mainly introduces some special knowledge of DB15 VGA connector, and hope that everyone can have a new understanding of VGA connector.

DB15 (VGA) connector is a very common connector, mainly used as a video interface for computers and monitors, and can be found on video cards, high-definition displays, laptops, projectors, and high-definition televisions. On some small devices, a mini-VGA port is sometimes used instead of a full-size VGA connector.

DB15 (VGA) is a high-density DB-type connector, although it is used to support higher resolution video applications (SVGA, XGA, UXGA, etc.). Although the size of the DB15 (VGA) connector is the same as the DB9 connector, it is divided into three rows with a total of 15 pins. On most DB15 (VGA) male connectors, one pin (pin 9) is missing in the middle row. Why is the 9th pin omitted? Because it is not used to carry any part of the computer video signal.

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