With the rapid growth of the electronic equipment, automotive electronics, and communication terminal markets and the continuous transfer of global connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the most promising place for the connector market. It is estimated that the growth rate of China’s connector market in the future will continue to exceed the global average, and China will become the world’s fastest-growing and largest-capacity connector market.

The main application areas of the connector are communications, networks, home appliances, medical care, transportation, IT, etc. In the application fields, the rapid development of product technology and the rapid growth of the market have led to the development of connector technology. Up to now, the connector has developed into a series and professional product with complete product categories, subdivision of professional directions, obvious industry characteristics, rich variety and specifications, diverse structure types, and standard system specifications.

Generally speaking, the development of connector technology presents the following characteristics: high-speed and digitization of signal transmission, integration of various signal transmissions, miniaturization and miniaturization of product volume, low-cost products, and contact termination methods. Pasting, modular combination, convenient plug-in and so on. The above technologies represent the development direction of connector technology, but it should be noted that the above technologies are not necessary for all connectors. Connectors in different industries and different use environments have very different requirements for the above technologies. of.

Dosin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision connectors and wiring harnesses integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Founded in 2003, the company’s outstanding advantage lies in its strong R&D capabilities and a large number of proprietary technologies. As well as non-proprietary technology in the industry, we manufacture all kinds of high-quality connectors, pin headers, horns, connecting wires, terminal wires, and electronic wiring harnesses. The product categories have reached more than 20,000 kinds, which can fully satisfy all kinds of The needs of large industries.

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