The waterproof connector is the same as the cable connector in the electrical industry, So what’s the difference between the waterproof connector and cable connectors?the waterproof connectors can not only be waterproof and also conductive, They can be used in water environment,Like the LED light,lighthouse in the rain,the ship and yacht in the river,the industrial equipment need to be sprayed,the fire fighting truck in emergency etc,They all need waterproof connectors,This is the most important difference between waterproof connectors and cable connectors ,Also the unique characters of waterproof connectors.

With the development of the market,Now,The work environment ,device,equipment,with water is more and more popular,and more people choose waterproof connectors ,The waterproof connector has excellent sealing performance,Safe and reliable quality waterproof connector have great demand in the market,So the quality standard is higher,  The waterproof and dustproof class of waterproof connector products reaches IP68 standard,In other words,Put the connectors into the 10 meters deep water,let them work 12 hours,When the shell dip to 15 degrees,The liquid poured into the connectors have no influence,Put them into the the 100 deep water,breaking test for 12 hours,The liquid pour into the shell make no influence,still remain good performance,Only up to this requirement,They can be called qualified waterproof connectors.

Waterproof connector is excellent products which is widely known. They are used in many areas.So what is the performance of them to support their market?they are mechanical property,electrical performance and environmental performance,which help them to keep the advantage of the market and made them stand out form the similar products.

First.The heat resistance.Today,The waterproof connector have good adaptability in both high temperature and low temperature.The highest temperature can up to 200℃(except few high temperature special waterproof connectors )The lowest temperature can be as low as -65℃.As is known to all. Because of the resistance,The equipment will produce many heat under the working condition of the electricity.cause the equipment heat up then.So the temperature we usually mentioned is consisted of environment temperature and contact temperature.We’ll show the highest temperature limits of the waterproof connector under the rated operational current.

Secondly.The waterproof connector can effectively adapt to the environment of salt spray resistance.General structural metal ,Contact surface may have electrochemical corrosion.Though we can’t avoid the working environment with salty and moisturity.We can improve the performance of the waterproof connectors to prevent the equipment are corroded.We test the performance of the connectors by smoke test .including we create Smoke atmosphere by use a certain concentration of NACl to compressed the air,General waterproof connectors can be up to 48 hours.

Thirdly.Vibration resistance and shock resistance are the vital parameter of the waterproof connectors.These two parameters are especially important in special environment.including aviation ,spaceflight,railway,road transportation etc.These two parameters are the measuring ruler of the sturdiness and electric contact property.Usually in the impact experiment.The peak acceleration,time of duration and the time of impact pulsation waveform and electrical connectivity interruption.

Fourthly.The humidity of the environment.For waterproof connector to power supply.Somehow.The humidity may have impact of the waterproof connectors. But the AnPuLun waterproof connectors reduce this value to the least.General product are not influenced among the moderation 90%-95% .

Electrical Performance is the essential performance of waterproof connectors.In general.They include contact resistance,insulation resistance,dielectric strength etc.

The order of magnitudes of insulation resistance are hundreds of megohm to thousands of megohm.The contact resistance is from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.The dielectric strength is the ability to withstand rated test voltage between the waterproof connector contacts or between the contact and the enclosure.which is generally can up to the standard value.

Lastly.The mechanical property of the waterproof connectors.including the lifetime of the waterproof connectors which is a vital index.It’s a good experience when using a good performance and long lifetime waterproof connectors. The waterproof connectors of Dongguan Dosin Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd can be used for a long time.

The development of high density micro connectors has attracted the attention of many countries in the world.The developed countries like United States and Japan strengthen the research and development of high-end micro products and infiltrate its production gradually into developing countries including China .

In the past few years. China’s society and economic information is developing rapidly.The demand for high-end electronic equipment is booming.Connector foreign-funded enterprises are increasing.In order to improve the ability of  competition,China’s connector industry should actively strengthen the development of high-end miniature connectors.For China’s miniature connectors just get start with poor technical foundation and shortage of funds.We believe that the following counter measures should be taken.

  • Establish economies of scale and group

The development of modern high-density micro connectors will not work,If there is no certain scale economy .Therefore, the current industrial pattern of repetition, Dispersion and small production should be led to the joint and gradually realize joint investment, intensive management.In accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system to establish a large group of companies with world-class competition to compete with foreign great competitors group.

  • Pay attention to the investment of technology and talents

We must base on the progress of technology and optimize technical structure, intensify technological upgrading,Strengthening the renewal of technological equipment,Introduce advanced technology of high density connector from abroad,At the same time.We need to strengthen the ability of digestion and absorption.enhance the ability of independent development,We should also pay attention to the cultivation and utilization of talents and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel.

  • Products must strive for the grade.

We need to improve product quality in an all aspects.Widely adopted international standards.Strive to develop high-tech and cutting-edge high-reliability products.Create, excellent, special products.Focus on high-tech key technologies such as SMT.The main direction of the production of high and mid-range micro the overall level of improvement.

  • Identify key service areas

The development of micro-connectors must first meet the needs of the national economy, national key projects and military assembly.We should attache importance to investment equipment and a new generation of complete machine products.In particular, we must focus on promoting the national economy information service. Such as financial management computer networking, etc.In order to change the situation of mainly in consumer middle and low-end products and low localization rate of investment products.Our final purpose is gradually replacing imports with localization.

  • Face international and domestic markets

We need to establish a big market concept.participate in international competition and widely adopt international standards with international standards.According to market demand,While meeting domestic support strengthen export awareness and increase export share.We should strive to carry out the construction of foreign sales services.expand the international market share of high-end miniature connectors.

The world’s micro connector market and technology are moving forward.and thus driving the overall improvement of China’s high-end connector production capacity,Facing opportunities and working hard.The development of China’s micro connectors will certainly make substantial progress.Gradually we’ll narrow the gap with advanced countries and make China a powerful power producer.

Waterproof connectors are the electron components which work under the water and resist water.Power cords, network cables can be put in their internal. they can provide normal and reliable power supply and the signal transmission.The most important and characteristic role is that they are waterproof and dust proof.

At the moment, the IP waterproofing standard is the main standard of waterproof connector for waterproof performance.We know the waterproof performance by the IPXX, The two number XX behind the IP.first X is from 0 to 6,The supreme grade is 6.The second number is from 0 to 8. The supreme grade is 8.So the highest waterproofing level of waterproof connectors are IP68.

With the development of technologies.Many stuffs in our life use electricity . But the things with electricity have influence in our safety somehow.So waterproof is important,waterproof connectors can be used into environment with water,have excellent sealing performance and reliable waterproof performance.For example,If some equipment need to be in the water or be fixed in the water.the waterproof connectors have no need to worry about the water especially the water contains many chemical substances come into the connectors which will damage the connectors.

Waterproof connectors are the good news for us.They have many applications.Many area need to use the waterproof connectors,Like the industrial environment, lighting decoration controlled,Urban outdoor lighting project,Lighthouse, cruise ship, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinklers etc.They all use the waterproof connectors.Because the military fields have the strict requires.They use many waterproof connectors,Like submarines and submarine-launched missiles connectors and so on.

In the connector field, the rf coaxial connector is a subdivided category, while under the rf coaxial connector category, there are also related products about the rf coaxial cable connector components. What is an rf coaxial cable connector assembly and how its performance is affected? The Dosin hardware and electronics technician will give you some basic knowledge of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly.

It must be clear to those who are engaged in connector manufacturing that the components of the rf coaxial connector cable are composed of two rf coaxial connectors and a certain length of the rf coaxial cable through welding. Therefore, the rf coaxial cable becomes an indispensable part of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly, and its performance is directly related to the performance of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly.

Through the analysis of Dosin engineer. It is concluded that the following six main factors influencing the performance of rf coaxial cable connector components are as follows:

  1. The standing wave has bad periodicity.
  2. Poor performance due to local deformation;
  3. Impedance mismatch(high or low );
  4. The movement between the cable foaming layer and the outer conductor;
  5. The foaming layer is pasted on the inner conductor and cannot be cleaned;
  6. The inner conductor size does not meet the requirements;

The six points above are the mainly influences of the performance of the Rf coaxial cable connector assembly. So the way to enhance the ability of them is that we need to reduce the six failure modes. Meanwhile, the dimension of the inner rf connector must meet the      requirement.When we find the failure modes of Rf coaxial cable assembly, that means we also find the direction of improving the performance of them . It is of great guiding significance to improve the performance of rf coaxial cable in major manufacturers.

In addition, Dosin technicians provide you with several ways to improve cable performance, for your reference as below:

First of all, the selection of internal and external conductor materials should be done well, that is to say, the model and impedance of internal and external conductor and rf connector should be unified. Secondly, in the process of extruding insulation, we should control the foaming uniformity to a high standard, and improve the diameter uniformity of the foaming insulation wire core and the stability of capacitance. The third is to improve the concentricity of the inner and outer conductors, that is, to control the insulation of cables without eccentricity. Finally, the tolerance requirement of inner conductor should be strictly controlled.

All in all, about rf coaxial connector products purchasing and custom, DE line hardware electronics is a reliable choice, we have 13 years of rf products manufacturing experience, all products passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and we are their own independent factory, without contract, can complete your production requirements with good quality.

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As to RF connectors.There is a product series which named Q9. What are the differences between BNC and Q9 connectors?It’s believed that many people do not know the answer. Technicists in Dosin will introduce the knowledge of Q9 and BNC connectors as below for you so that you can tell them apart easier.

Bnc connectors (flat patternmaking )

The full name of bnc connector is Bayonet Neill-concelman. The literal translation is
Neil-Consemman,It is consisted of a central pin,a jacket and the a SD.The outline of Q9 connector is almost the same with bnc that the layman can’t tell then apart at all.even many people have monopoly in bnc connectors also don’t know the difference about the Q9 connnector and bnc connector.

Consequently, many people sold the Q9 connector as bnc connector.

The difference between BNC connector and Q9 connector:the standard dimension of bnc is feet.specificly showed in the core (the red circle pointed by the arraows in the below picture),rubber core of bnc is thinner and further form the edge(3.8mm) than Q9 connector.Q9 is thicker and closer form the edge.

Q9 connector (flat patternmaking)

Q9 and bnc like the DB9 a couple of male and female .they are applied in the oscilloscope,signal generator ect.The caliber of Q9 and bnc have a little difference.

The central gap of bnc female is slightly bigger than Q9,Generally.The oscilloscope use bnc,Q9 is also can be pluged in.and if works for a long time,it will go wrong.The head of another half is will find that if more carefully observation.50 ohm is suitable for transfer power.75 ohm is suitable for transfer signal.the digital cable must be 75 ohm.

After reading the content above.You may have some knowledge about the difference between bnc and Q9 connectors.If you want to know more about that Please click our blog : for more articles.If you plan to purchase or customization our bnc connector.Please call us at 0086 769 81153906.

Bnc connector display page:

For many customers, the price is an important factor to consider when purchasing rf coaxial connectors. High price can not always get the high quality rf coaxial connector products, so the choice is very disturbing. In this case, it’s important to pick a manufacturer you trust when you don’t know if the price of the rf coaxial connector is reasonable.

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There are many factors influencing the price of rf coaxial connectors. It is quite normal for you to meet different quotation in the purchasing process at different times. It is possible that the recent shortage of raw materials for a certain product will lead to a rise in the price of raw materials. When the price of raw materials rises, the price of products will also rise. But in general, we will ensure that the product price is within a reasonable range, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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With the development of science and the upgrading of the global positioning system, GPS antenna in the field of professional and business, such as convoys, exploration of science and technology, military tracking and other consumption products occupy very important position, then what is the role of it?

The first is to capture satellites and receive satellite positioning information, which is radiation and electromagnetic waves. Any high frequency circuit, as long as it is not completely shielded, can radiate electromagnetic waves more or less to the surrounding space, or receive electromagnetic waves more or less from the surrounding space.

The second function is to change the electromagnetic energy of the radio signal sent by the satellite into the current that can be absorbed by the electronic device of the receiver, that is, the energy conversion. For special equipment or car equipment, the equipment and GPS receiver module before tend to have a certain distance, so in a real environment may use more than 1 meter of feeder cable, but since there are many signal loss for feeder cable, so in this environment can only choose active GPS antenna.

After reading the above, you may have a certain understanding of the function of GPS antenna. For more questions, please call our hotline at 0086 769 81153906 for professional service.

Many customers do not know how to weld after purchasing a part of the n-type rf coaxial connector. In this regard, the personnel of Dosin hardware electronics technology department will teach you step by step to practice the welding knowledge of n-type rf coaxial connector.

Step 1: peel the cable and decompose the N connector, put on the connector, gasket and washer.

Step 2: install the gasket on the shielding first.

Step 3: peel off the insulation of the exposed wire.

Step 4: Put a pin on it, not too long or too short.

Step 5: put the main body of the connector and observe the correct position of the pin.

Step 6:Tighten with a wrench.

Follow the above six steps and the installation will be successful. Dosin hardware electronics, a professional rf coaxial connector manufacturer, products custom hotline 0769-81153906。

N connector product display:

The power capacity of rf connectors is an important part of the standard to evaluate the quality of rf coaxial connectors. So what do you know about the power capacity of the rf coaxial connector? Dosin hardware electronics will introduce you to this knowledge in detail.

The power capacity of the rf coaxial connector is a complicated problem, which is affected by many factors.

Pin size: the size of the pin is related to the current capacity of the connector and directly affects the power.

VSWR: The reflection wave occupies the channel capacity space, resulting in the transmission power capacity reduction

Insertion loss:There is a difference between input and output power due to the existence of loss.

Air pressure (altitude):The higher the altitude, the lower the pressure, the smaller the power capacity.

Contact resistance:Contact resistance causes the contact to heat up, making it difficult to transmit high power microwave signals.

Influence of frequency:The change of transmission signal frequency directly leads to the change of loss and VSWR, which affects the transmission power capacity.

For the above reasons are uncertain factors, so the connector is generally not given power capacity value indicators, only in the load, attenuator and other technical indicators of microwave passive components can indicate the index.

After reading, do you have a preliminary understanding of the “Rf coaxial connector power capacity”? If you have any questions about purchasing or customizing rf coaxial connectors, you can call Dosin hardware electronics at 0769-81153906. We will arrange professionals to answer your questions in time.