The connector is a small component in the grand design of a medical device, and some people may think that the connector is a trivial part of the medical device. However, it is important to know that the connector plays a huge role for the normal function of the device. With the advancement of medical technology, the requirements for safety, reliability, appearance and speed of medical connectors are also increasing.

Safety of medical connectors

When patients receive treatment, the last thing they want to touch is danger. Although the danger is not common, it is reported that some cases of serious injury or even casualties caused by contact with the conductor of the medical connector abound. In the resolution, the IEC proposed a standard that requires connectors used in medical applications to include a form of insulation that can prevent people from being shocked when they are in contact, further improving the safety of modern medical equipment.

Reliability of medical connectors

With the advancement of medical technology, the equipment used is constantly evolving, and the professionals we rely on also rely on their equipment to function perfectly. Although connectors look like a trivial component in this complex device, they play a key role in the reliability of medical devices. When the connector is used as the connection between the probe and its medical equipment during operation, it is hoped that the connector can work perfectly, because the reliability of the connector can directly affect the success or failure of the operation, and it is related to the life of the patient. This is why the medical industry continues to invest in connectors that are proven to provide reliable performance over the life of the device.

Components of medical connectors

Similar to smart phones, medical equipment also has shape requirements. Due to recent medical advances, surgeons can perform certain operations. Some medical equipment allows surgeons to complete their complex operations, such as heart bypass surgery, which requires the creation of a small incision and the insertion of a laparoscopic camera. The success of these types of operations also depends on the complex components within this medical device, such as connectors, and the ability of the surgical system to perform and optimize the device’s functions.

Speed ​​of medical connector

In order to ensure the success of this minimally invasive medical operation, previous surgeons used real-time images transmitted from the laparoscopic camera inside the patient to monitor and facilitate these types of operations. The modern connector technology allows these large amounts of data to be transmitted at high speed and with high integrity, which greatly promotes the success of these operations.

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Connectors are small, but they are indispensable electronic components in our daily lives. Their role is very simple: establish connections between different components and establish communication bridges so that data or current can circulate. The performance quality of the connector affects many factors. The following Xinpengbo connector manufacturers mainly explain the importance of controlling the quality of the connector!

At this stage, it seems that the connector supplier market has rebounded. According to the survey, in the first half of 2012, affected by the global economic environment, the global connector market sales fell by about 3 to 4 percentage points compared with the same period in 2011. In the fourth quarter of 2012, it improved significantly again. Overall, the total sales of the global connector supplier market in 2012 was approximately US$47.1 billion, and it is estimated that the connector market sales in 2013 will reach approximately US$49 billion, showing a slight growth of 4.2%. In terms of market supply and demand, the price of connector products is relatively stable, but the business strategies of connector manufacturers and distributors have become more conservative. By increasing the number of orders and reducing the number of orders to avoid risks and shorten the delivery time.

The quality of the connector directly affects the user’s willingness to continue using the product, as well as the reputation of the connector manufacturer’s brand. The complex production process includes many aspects, from product design, material selection, production, testing, packaging, storage to transportation. Every step requires strict inspection, and any error will directly or indirectly affect the quality of the connector.

As the manufacturer of the entire connector product, the connector manufacturer will make the service life and use experience of the product more challenging regardless of whether the quality of the connector meets the standard or the performance is stable. Since the connector usually needs to be inserted and removed frequently or fixed for a long time, corresponding tests must be carried out according to the standard requirements of the manufacture of different types of connectors. Because good structural strength is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the stability and reliability of the connector. The connector, as a connection part used to transmit signals and conduct power, needs to have excellent conductivity. If the conductivity of the connector is not strong, the transmission efficiency will be greatly affected, and the resistance of the conductive part is too high.

In addition to selecting high-quality and appropriate raw materials, connectors also need to be configured using a good production process. Only a good design can make the finished product perform its proper duties, because there is still a lot of room for improvement in connector design and processing technology. At the same time, we can reduce the defect rate by updating production equipment and optimizing the original design, thereby improving the overall quality of the connector. In terms of daily management, connector manufacturers must strictly implement quality control in terms of raw material procurement, production and processing, and quality inspection. Provide professional training programs for actual operators, cultivate a sense of responsibility, implement all levels of control, and ensure the excellent quality of delivered products. The connector in the hands of the customer is something that the supplier must pay attention to.

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With the rapid growth of the electronic equipment, automotive electronics, and communication terminal markets and the continuous transfer of global connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the most promising place for the connector market. It is estimated that the growth rate of China’s connector market in the future will continue to exceed the global average, and China will become the world’s fastest-growing and largest-capacity connector market.

The main application areas of the connector are communications, networks, home appliances, medical care, transportation, IT, etc. In the application fields, the rapid development of product technology and the rapid growth of the market have led to the development of connector technology. Up to now, the connector has developed into a series and professional product with complete product categories, subdivision of professional directions, obvious industry characteristics, rich variety and specifications, diverse structure types, and standard system specifications.

Generally speaking, the development of connector technology presents the following characteristics: high-speed and digitization of signal transmission, integration of various signal transmissions, miniaturization and miniaturization of product volume, low-cost products, and contact termination methods. Pasting, modular combination, convenient plug-in and so on. The above technologies represent the development direction of connector technology, but it should be noted that the above technologies are not necessary for all connectors. Connectors in different industries and different use environments have very different requirements for the above technologies. of.

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The reliability of the connector can consider the following factors:

  1. Materials for product design and product manufacturing
  2. Operating environment
  3. Functional requirements The application environment, especially temperature, humidity, and corrosiveness, determines which of its own failure mechanisms will take effect, and the functional requirements of the connector determine what degree of failure is allowed.

The connector reliability evaluation procedure includes the following contents:

  1. Determine the acceptable standards for the application, including terminal resistance and other failure modes. According to the importance of the application, confirm the failure mechanism and classify it.
  2. Develop a test program to deal with the failure mechanism in the predicted application, arrange and rank it.
  3. Determine the acceleration factor and do special tests if possible.
  4. Based on the data obtained from the appraisal program, perform appropriate data analysis and data statistical processing.
  5. The above steps to assess reliability depend on engineering judgment. The manufacturer and user of the connector should unanimously agree on the content and method of the authentication procedure.

The connector is defined in terms of function and structure:

  1. The electronic connector provides a separable connection between two subsystems in an electronic system without unacceptably affecting the performance of the system.
  2. Separability is the reason we want to use the connector, which is convenient for the maintenance and upgrade of the subsystems or parts of a system. At the same time, this connection cannot have any unacceptable impact on the performance of the system. For example, signal absorption, attenuation, power loss. The requirements for detachable and unacceptable limits depend on the specific application requirements of the connector.
  3. From the structural definition, the connector has four structural elements: A, the contact interface between the terminals (between) B, the surface treatment of the terminals C, the reed D of the terminals, and the housing of the connector.

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