For connectors in medical equipment applications, their reliability is very important. In order to ensure stable transmission of signals with minimal changes, the contacts of medical connectors must maintain good contact force and corrosion resistance. However, due to some factors, the contact force of the medical connector is lost. In this article, the Dosin connector engineer mainly explains the two phenomena that cause the loss of contact force of the medical connector.

Permanent deformation of medical connector contacts:
If the contact of the medical connector is used for a longer time, the contact may be permanently deformed due to excessive force, which greatly reduces the contact force.

Stress relaxation of medical connector contacts:
When the contacts of the medical connector are in a flexed state, a certain amount of stress will be generated in the metal. Under a stable deflection, this stress will relax over time. Because the stress is the force that generates the contact force, The force will also decrease, and the decrease in stress will mean that its contacts will not return to their original configuration when disconnected. Therefore, stress relaxation can also be considered a delayed permanent deformation phenomenon.

Dongguan Dosin Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional connector manufacturer . It has 20 years of expertise in connectors, cables, Antenna. The production and research and development of the company has more than 20,000 varieties of products, which can fully meet the needs of various high-end customers.


Dongguan Dosin Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. launched a new Wi-Fi 6E antenna to support WLAN communications. Wi-Fi 6E antenna products cover three frequency bands, including the newly expanded 6 GHz frequency band. Dosin antenna solutions and professional integration technology can support the wide spectrum of Wi-Fi 6E required to facilitate the development of new applications, provide new services to customers, and reduce terminal equipment and application delays while increasing network speed and flexibility.

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are currently widely used Wi-Fi frequency bands. With the increasing number of connected devices, the existing Wi-Fi frequency bands have become overwhelmed. The newly expanded 6 GHz frequency band can provide additional bandwidth and wider channels to meet daily bandwidth requirements. Dosin’s new antenna for Wi-Fi 6E applications can cover three frequency bands: 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5150-5875 MHz and 5925-7125 MHz. The newly expanded 6 GHz frequency band can accommodate 14 additional 80 MHz frequency bands or 7 160 MHz frequency bands, providing a wider, continuous and clean spectrum for WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) communications.

The Wi-Fi 6E antenna combination can be used for PCB, wiring PCB and wiring FPC, and supports multiple wireless standards. The product portfolio supports customized services for cable lengths and connector types, which can quickly go to market and provide flexibility for system design. In addition, the TE RF Technology Center is able to create efficient Wi-Fi 6E MIMO antenna configurations and optimize throughput.

Nowadays, wireless networks affect all aspects of our lives. Mobile connections are ubiquitous in life and work. Innovations in security applications, smart homes, smart cities, smart factories, medical and health equipment, and various emerging IoT devices are inseparable from wireless network technology. Dosin antenna design and integration capabilities can help customers achieve the best performance and high throughput of wireless networks. Wi-Fi 6E’s new spectrum and larger channel bandwidth can alleviate congestion, increase transmission speed, and shorten delay, which will help next-generation application development and improve user experience.

Dongguan Dosin Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional connector manufacturer . It has 20 years of expertise in connectors, cables, Antenna. The production and research and development of the company has more than 20,000 varieties of products, which can fully meet the needs of various high-end customers.


Connectors are small, but they are indispensable electronic components in our daily lives. Their role is very simple: establish connections between different components and establish communication bridges so that data or current can circulate. The performance and quality of the connector affect many factors. The following Dosin Electronic manufacturer mainly explain the importance of controlling the quality of the connector!

At this stage, it seems that the connector supplier market has rebounded. According to the survey, in the first half of 2012, affected by the global economic environment, the global connector market sales fell by about 3 to 4 percentage points compared with the same period in 2011. In the fourth quarter of 2012, it improved significantly again. Overall, the total sales of the global connector supplier market in 2012 was approximately US$47.1 billion, and it is estimated that the connector market sales in 2013 will reach approximately US$49 billion, showing a slight growth of 4.2%. In terms of market supply and demand, the price of connector products is relatively stable, but the business strategies of connector manufacturers and distributors have become more conservative. By increasing the number of orders and reducing the number of orders to avoid risks and shorten the delivery time.

The quality of the connector directly affects the user’s willingness to continue using the product, as well as the reputation of the connector manufacturer’s brand. The complex production process includes many aspects, from product design, material selection, production, testing, packaging, storage to transportation. Every step needs to be strictly checked, and any error will directly or indirectly affect the quality of the connector.

As the manufacturer of the entire connector product, the connector manufacturer, regardless of the quality of the connector or the stable performance, will make the product’s service life and use experience more challenging. Since the connector usually needs to be inserted and removed frequently or fixed for a long time, corresponding tests must be carried out according to the standard requirements of different types of connector manufacturing. Because good structural strength is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the stability and reliability of the connector. The connector, as a connection part for transmitting signals and conducting power, needs to have excellent conductivity. If the conductivity of the connector is not strong, the transmission efficiency will be greatly affected, and the resistance of the conductive part is too high.

In addition to selecting high-quality and appropriate raw materials, connectors also need to be configured using a good production process. Only a good design can make the finished product perform its proper duties, because there is still a lot of room for improvement in connector design and processing technology. At the same time, we can reduce the defect rate by updating production equipment and optimizing the original design, thereby improving the overall quality of the connector. In terms of daily management, connector manufacturers must strictly implement quality control in terms of raw material procurement, production and processing, and quality inspection. Provide professional training programs for actual operators, cultivate a sense of responsibility, implement all levels of control, and ensure the excellent quality of delivered products. The connector in the hands of the customer is something that the supplier must pay attention to.

The above is the importance of controlling connector quality outlined by Dosin Electronic manufacturer. Hope you can learn more about connectors!Dongguan Dosin Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional connector manufacturer . It has 20 years of expertise in connectors, cables, Antenna. The production and research and development of the company has more than 20,000 varieties of products, which can fully meet the needs of various high-end customers.


The RJ45 interface can be quickly connected to the RJ45 connector for network card or HUB. The transparent connector connects the two ends of the twisted pair. In fact, RJ45 is a network interface similar to RJ11, but it is different in terms of application range. The RJ11 interface is used to connect a telephone line, so it is usually called a “phone interface”. However, the RJ45 interface is installed at both ends of the twisted pair and can be easily plugged into a hub, NIC or switch that is essential for network communication. The following is Dosin Electronic’s introduction to the RJ45 interface and the characteristics and performance of the RJ45 connector!

Brief introduction of RJ45 interface:

According to the international connector standard, the RJ45 interface has an eight-position modular jack or connector with a crystal clear appearance. Therefore it is called “crystal head”. The RJ45 8-pin connector requires a specific identification method. First, point the connector toward the 8 small gold-plated pieces downwards, toward the other end, where you find the large rectangular port filled with network cables, and the end facing you does not have a small plastic bayonet.

In today’s society, whether it is for study or work, the Internet is an indispensable part of people’s lives. Therefore, RJ45 connectors play a vital role in the market. There are many brands and types of RJ45 connectors that can meet market needs. RJ45 connectors can be divided into industrial or non-industrial connectors. The performance of industrial RJ45 connectors is not limited by the specifications of non-industrial RJ45 connectors. Industrial RJ45 connectors comply with all ISO/IEC 11801 standards.

RJ45 network socket standard:

1. The physical size of the RJ45 network socket connection conforms to the IEC (60) 603-7, 8-pin “RJ45” standard.
2. The number of standard wires of the cable terminal of the RJ45 network socket is 8.

RJ45 connectors have a variety of quality characteristics and product performance:

1. Excellent sealing and waterproof performance, to ensure that the RJ45 connector can be used in different environments to achieve the best performance.
2. A complete shielding system ensures that the RJ45 connector will not be attenuated during signal transmission.
3. The safety locking system technology can prevent the RJ45 connector from detaching during use, resulting in unstable signal transmission.
4. High-speed information transmission helps to realize the maximum data transmission function in the shortest time and reduce energy waste.