The simpler thing instead the easier it is for consumers to accept, which is the inevitable trend under the development of modern high-tech, so more and more products begin to develop in the direction of refinement and miniaturization, such as wire-to-board connector is one of them. The integrated wire-to-board connector can not only compress the contact, but also has three advantages as below.

First, realize the connection of local gold-plated auxiliary board and increase the flexibility of design. In the past, the wire-to-board connectors are clumsy, although they can complete the docking, but the flexibility is not enough. The integrated wire-to-board connectors are widely used in digital cameras, mobile devices and GPS and other fine industries through the compression of contacts, the improvement of the efficiency and area of the connection with the local gold-plated auxiliary board, and the enhancement of flexibility.

Second, high temperature thermoplastics are used to achieve greater accuracy. It is understood that the contact area of the integrated wire-to-board connector has many protrusions, which can avoid the damage caused by accidental dropping, and further reduce the thickness of solder paste to achieve maximum accuracy.

Third, Simple design makes the integrated wire-to-board connector more convenient to use. Wire-to-board connector manufacturers point out that this product uses a special automation design, which can achieve the connection between primary and secondary printing, but also achieve a balanced state, small wear and tear, long use time, high refinement, so it is popular with mobile device manufacturers.

The FPC full name is Flexible Printed Circuit board. Popularly speaking, That PCB is made of soft materials (foldable and bendable materials). It is widely used.

There are many kinds of connectors on mobile phones, among which FPC is one of them. The product categories can be divided into internal FPC connectors and board-to-board connectors, external connected I / O connectors, battery connectors and Camera Socket, etc.

FPC Connector

FPC connector is used to connect LCD display screen to drive circuit (PCB). At present, 0.4mm pitch products are the main products, and 0.3mm pitch products have been widely used as well. In the long run, the FPC connector is expected to be integrated with other mobile phone components into the framework of the mobile phone or its LCD modaule in the future.

Board-to-Board Connector

The development trend of the board to board connector in mobile phone is more and more smaller of the Pin spacing and height that the 0.4mm pitch is the main products, and it will develop to 0.35mm or less, and the subsequent request the lower height and with shielding in the future. At same time, the height of BTB ( Board to Bard connector ) will reduce to 0.9mm as well.

I/O Connector

I/O Connector is one of the most important in-and-out channels on the mobile phone, included the connection of the power and signal, volume reduction and Product Standardization will be the main development Direction in the Future. Then the connector is required to be thinner, the visual effect and the waterproof function are provided.

Battery Connector

The battery connector can be divided into elastic sheet type and knife type. The technical trend of the battery connector is mainly the miniaturization, the new battery interface, the low contact resistance and the high connection reliability.

Thus it can be seen, the connector is the essential part for the electronic engineering industry, the different function and use make the users in the industry see its function and impact on our life and production. In the future, we need to carefully consider and understand the choice and use of different connectors as users. Dongguan Dosin hardware Electronics Co., Ltd., as a company with many years of production and R & D experience, deserves the recognition and trust of the majority of users.

Mis-insertion is a kind of wrong behavior caused by carelessness in the operation process of the staff, which will not only lead to the normal operation of the equipment, but also may lead to the circuit short circuit in serious cases, so the requirements on the prevention of anti-missing insertion are very high.

The prevention of misplacement mainly starts from the following aspects:

On the one hand, the line of wire connector itself, rotate one hundred and eighty degrees, if misalignment error can lead to signal an error, so at this time requires attention as far as possible choose lines to prevent mistaken insertion of the connector, it can avoid this kind of error, but also can avoid the equipment damage, can also by adjusting the line to line the relative position in the connector configuration only.

On the other hand, when the manufacturer USES the same connector, it is very likely to plug A into B socket, this situation needs special attention, because once this happens, the consequences will be very serious, must be connected to AB interface for different socket can be.

And the use of wire to wire connector can avoid this kind of situation to a certain extent, so it is suggested that in order to reduce the types of materials, or to save costs of manufacturers, in the process of use, must choose reliable and safe wire to wire connector products, so that their equipment can be well protected.

Although the anti-misplacement effect of wire-to-wire connector cannot be completely solved now, with the development of science and technology and the update of products, we believe that solutions will be found in the future.

Connectors are important components that connect two devices,Used to transmit or receive signals and is an essential item,With the development of domestic science and technology and continuous improvement,Domestic connector has gradually replaced the foreign connector,Become the brand type that domestic consumer likes quite.

Domestic connectors in the use of the process of a total of three advantages, respectively as follows:

First, it is easy to maintain and can improve the production process.

Because of the existence of domestic connectors, not only simplify the process of mass production, improve the work efficiency of the enterprise, at the same time when a certain component problems, but also can be replaced quickly, so as to reduce the loss caused by the damage of parts.

Second, upgrading is more convenient.

For the equipment, the upgrade may be slow, but for the domestic connector components, it is easier to upgrade, and the connector upgrade will naturally drive the change of other equipment, so as to achieve the effect of enterprise upgrading equipment.

Third, the design is more flexible.

According to statistical data, since there is a domestic connector, China’s designers in the design process, flexibility than before 20%, and this saves 20%, not only improve work efficiency, but also save a lot of cost expenditure, for enterprises kill two birds with one stone.