For FPC connectors,Many of us have no concrete idea,So what is a connector?The connector is the computer we use,Cars, cell phones and all kinds of home appliances are indispensable components,It is an important bridge connecting all parts,It is widely used,at present,China is the world’s largest connector manufacturing base,FPC connector is a kind of connector,Mostly for mobile applications,what is FPC?It is a PCB made of soft materials,The phone can be used for simple circuit links,This is what we know as a row line,It can also be used as a complex circuit,With the gradual increase of mobile application functions,The use of FPC connectors will also increase,The types of FPC connectors are also varied,LED display with PCB connection requires FPC connector,The 0.3mm products have been put into use in large quantities,But as technology continues to evolve,Is gradually moving in the direction of 0.4,In the future, the number of FPC pins will be reduced,The implementation is placed in the LED frame along with other components of the phone,The development of board – to – board connectors is also evolving,The height of the pins and the spacing of the pins will become smaller,Although now it is still mainly 0.4mm,But it is moving in the direction of 0.35,It’s going to get smaller and smaller,I/O connector as a mobile phone in and out of an important channel,Volume reduction is an inevitable trend,In the meantime, visual effect and waterproof function also are the trend that will develop in the future,As a kind of FPC connector, battery connector will be more miniaturized,Low contact impedance and improved connection reliability.

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Usually have:PBT、NYLON、ABS、PC、LCP such material.But in principle, the material with better flame resistance is adopted.

a. PBT material:

PBT material is usually added 20-30%fiberglass,With anti – crack anti – shock, anti – electricity ability .Friction coefficient is low. Good self-lubrication effect.Good oil and chemical resistance.Both heat and humidity have excellent dielectric strength.Its shrinkage is between 0.6% and 3.0%.Its heat resistance is about 230 ℃.Good molding and fire resistance.It is a common adhesive for connector products.


Its shrinkage is 1.0%-0.3%.The temperature resistance is better than PBT.Usually, NYLON66 resistant 260℃–280℃.NYLON6T resistant 280℃–300℃.LCP resistant 290℃–320℃. But its water absorption is larger.Generally used for high temperature resistance and PITCH Fewer products(like SMD、HOUSING、PLCC).


Good impact toughness, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, easy to shape, good hardness, good rigidity.Heat resistance around 100 ℃.Generally used for auxiliary products in connectors.

1. Common defects in injection molding and their causes

Common molding defects have the following kinds: plastic parts have black spots or black liquid, the surface is not smooth, overflow, plastic forming incomplete, bubbles or burnt, concave shape, patchwork or plastic parts compressed in the mold and so on defects. The main reasons are divided into three parts: the factors of injection molding machine, mould and plastic material