With the use of more and more electronic products, mobile phones, computers, cameras and so on, the demand for connectors is also increasingly high. At present, the top five application fields in global connector sales are automobile, computer and its peripherals, communication, industrial equipment, aerospace and military, while the top five applications in growth are consumer electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, communication electronics, computer and so on.

Connector, as an indispensable part of electronic products, plays an increasingly important role in the diversified functions and modular design of electronic products.

  The CAGR (annual compound growth rate) of China’s connector market in the past five years was 27.2%, and the CAGR in the past 10 years was as high as 42.7%, far higher than the world’s growth level in the same period, and the country is the fourth largest connector market leading the global rapid growth. China’s connectors are mainly low-end, high-end connectors accounted for a relatively low, but the demand growth is fast.

Facing the market and technological changes of connectors, enterprises should keep track of cutting-edge connector technologies, learn new connector technologies, gradually get rid of the competition of low-end products and develop high-end product lines.