 Housing

 Header

 Contacts-Terminals and pins

 Metal for connectors

 plug and socket

 cladding material

 The key and positioning

 Circuit identification

 Wire gauge (wire number)

 Housing,Commonly known as the plastic shell,

 The connector seat body has the following functions

Support contact parts:

To insert a needle, reed, etc.Position it firmly and correctly,

Prevent dust, dirt and moisture, protect contact parts and conductors,Insulate circuits from each other,

In-line connectors:A straight connector is characterized by a wire being connected from half of the connector,Take out the other half,These two parts of a connector are called a plug (male) and a socket (female),

Header,Commonly known as the needle base,A connector mounted on a printed circuit board,The body used is called the header, also known as the base or wafer,The main difference between the base and the base is that the base is always mounted together with the circuit pin,The seat is just an empty shell,The base comes in two forms: covered and uncovered,The guard is the connector pin and socket,A protective cover made of a seat or skirt around the mating part,header also have friction lock style,It is a partially covered base,But it has a locking device,It makes the combination of base and base body more reliable.

Dosin bases come in many shapes,The most commonly used are two shapes,Straight needles and right angles,The number of columns in the base can also be different,It can be single-column or multi – column.

The plastic used for Dosin seat,The seat of Dosin is made of thermoplastic plastic,It can be melted and solidified many times,Dosin also collects left over plastic from the molding process.It was crushed and reused.

In today’s society, the development of science and technology is faster and faster, people also gradually to electronic, technology development, and electronic connector is such a new thing. At both ends of a loop, there are two conductors, and there may be no connection between the two conductors. The role of electronic connector is to make the two conductors well connected, so that different currents or communication signals can effectively flow between the two conductors.

It is widely used in all kinds of electrical engineering. And it is simple and convenient that we can make a temporary connection through electronic connector, which can be inserted and pulled at will to solve the problem for a while. It can also be a permanent connection in the middle of many electrical devices, or a permanent node can be established between different wires.

The material sort of electronic connector is very much, the connector of different sort, having different effect, the degree of difficulty of machining, also can affect the effect that USES greatly. The materials we use to make electronic connectors generally include materials that can be insulated such as plastic, and some materials that can conduct electricity, such as phosphorous copper or brass. When we choose electronic connectors with different functions, we should pay attention to the choice of appropriate products according to the specific situation.

Radio-frequency connector is mainly consisted of outer conductor, inner conductor,insulating support medium,The mainly material are as below:

Outer conductor:Passivation for stainless steel. copper alloy gold plating,copper alloy nickel plating,copper alloy ternary alloy three-partalloy ect,

Inner conductor: copper alloy gold plating,copper alloy silver plating ect,

Insulating support medium:PTFE、PEI、LCP ect,

The main specification of the RF coaxial connector.

Impedance:almost all of the RF coaxial connectors and electric cable have the standard impedance of 50Ohm.The only one exception is the 75Ohm system is usually used for cable TV installation,It is also an important RF coaxial cable connector have the characteristic impedance of a matched cable,If not like this,A discontinuity is brought into and the damage can be caused.

VSWR(voltage standing wave ratio):In the ideal case ,it should be unity,good design and carry out to keep them within 1.2.

Frequency range:Nowadays,the most RF coaxial connectors works among DC-10GHz,As to the connectors work among 10-40GHz ,They will be more expensive.

Loss:This is connector loss in the normal frequency range,Losses are usually 0.1 and 0.3 decibels,

Operating cycle:How many the circle of connect and disconnect they can withstand,It’s usually 500-1000 times.

Power:Power supply is consisted with two resistance losses(heat) and insulation breakdown,

Characteristics of rf coaxial connectors:

1.Multiple specifications and varieties:More than 20 names in the international general purpose department,more varieties and specifications.

2.Products are reliable,failure mode and failure mechanism are complex.

3.Electrical characteristics are guaranteed by mechanical structure,It is an electromechanical integration product,There are essential differences with other low-frequency connectors,

4.Parts processing is mainly turning machine processing,There are many manual assembly operations, so it is difficult to carry out automatic assembly.

5.Product update is slow.

In order to learn the principal of electronic interconnecting parts work.we need to know the basic knowledge of the conductor,When we mentioned that the conductors connect the disconnect parts,In fact,It’s the connector that connect the two parts together,The circuit means the whole electric system,and the conductor is the real road that current flows,Sometimes.You can’t see the actual conductor.Because they are packed by the insulation material or dielectric material.If there is the dielectric material,the conductor can be put in a row and don’t bother each other, Now we’ll introduce some conductors that we usually use:

Discrete wire:The single wire or cable,popular used in many electronic equipment.

Twisted pair:They are consisted of two small wire twisted together.packed with the outer jack.the two wire are in good insulation,the phone cable and the domestic wire are the twisted wire,they are used for computer and telecommunication.

Coaxial cable:They are consisted of the small diameters copper wire packed in the larger diameter jacket,The dielectrics isolate and support them.The insulator material packed in the outside.They are used in the transfer with Video signal transmission,

Tape cable:The name comes from its resemblance to a ribbon,also known as flat cable.they are the parallel conductor covered by the insulator material.The conductor has two forms,One is the circle cross section,the other is the flat flexible cable,They are used for computer and peripheral.

Printed circuit board:The PCB is the copper-coated polymer plate,through the etching processing,print the circuit,they are used for computer and peripheral.

Flat flexible cable and Flat plane circuit(FFC/FPC):They are likely to the tape cable,But the conductor is the flat,not the circle,The conductor cross section is rectangular and extremely thin,They are used for official equipment,security system, communication, vending machine.

Fiber optic cable:the Fiber optic conductor have many series and pattern.But the most common are silica or plastic which is coated by glass, plastic.The light is conducted or transferred by them,They are used in the high speed data transfer and computer networks and communication systems.