1. Summarize

High voltage connectors are widely used in ac and dc eight-axis electric locomotives,It is mainly composed of porcelain bottle, cover plate assembly, sheep horn, bellows, jacking rod, crosshead assembly, locking device and so on.As shown in Figure 1,Its main function is to achieve the eight-axis electric locomotive A section and B section roof high voltage circuit reliable connection.And can achieve control in the driver’s cab,Avoid dangerous roof work,In mass production, there are occasions when two butt high voltage connectors cannot be rejoined after separation.

2. Analysis of docking failure

The frequency of docking failure is low,But once that happens, it’s hard to rule it out,Only remove and replace the horn of the high voltage connector,To revalidate,The high voltage connector butt failure is directly manifested as:When the two high voltage connectors are separated, the lock tongue on the horn of the ram is not opened,the ring on the horn of the sheep cannot be inserted into the lock when it is closed next time, resulting in failure,At present,The method to solve the fault is:Remove the ram horn of the high voltage connector,Check each part against the drawing to find out the problem parts.Replace and reassemble.After several disassembling and summarizing, it is found that the deformed part is the clamp in the horn,But because the clamp and other parts in the horn constitute a complex four-axis structure.Quantitative and qualitative analysis cannot be carried out on site. The locking tongue, clamp and ring in the horn are shown in FIG. 2.

3. Using CATIA 3d model to analyze docking faults

CATIA 3d modeling can perfectly simulate each part in a computer,Assemble parts as based on drawing,Realize the quantitative control of motion displacement of each part,And synchronize the motion track of the associated parts,Therefore, CATIA 3d modeling analysis is more advantageous and efficient than traditional field analysis.

The following 3d modeling is used to analyze the influence of clamp deformation on high-voltage connector by CAT worker A,Three-dimensional modeling, assembly and constraint of CAT worker A were carried out for the clamps and related parts of sheep horn, as shown in figure 3 (the spring was simulated by the constraint system of CAT worker A).

As can be seen from figure 3, the tension spring and the cover plate are connected by an axis, the clamp and the tension spring are connected by an axis, the clamp and the locking tongue are connected by an axis, and the cover plate and the locking tongue are connected by an axis, forming a complex four-axis structure.As long as any axis in the four-axis structure in figure 3 is rotated (realized by Angle constraint), other axes are rotated at the same time, and various states of the locking tongue are quantitatively analyzed in this linkage mode.FIG. 4 shows that the diameter of the ring (12mm) is greater than the width of the locking tongue from the cover plate at rest (10.23mm).When the high voltage connector is separated, the ring will pull down the locking tongue to break the balance and the locking tongue will be opened. Figure 6 shows that the opening of the locking tongue is maintained by an upward sloping force. The above analysis proves that the high voltage connector design is correct.

Figure 7 shows when the width of the latch and cover plate is equal to the diameter of the ring (12 mm),The position of clamp and spring connecting shaft moves up 4.83mm compared with the normal position,At this point, the clamp and spring connecting shaft clamp and latch tongue connecting shaft cover plate and latch tongue connecting shaft are in the same line,reach a balance,This is the critical point where the docking failure occurs,therefore,When the clamp is deformed, the coupling shaft of the clamp and spring moves upward more than 4.83mm,There will be a docking failure. The limit simulation of docking failure is shown in figure 7.

4.The conclusion

Through three-dimensional simulation of CAT worker A, it is concluded that joint failure will occur if the bending deformation of the clamp is greater than 4.83mm,The clamps in the horn of the high voltage connector are made of stainless steel with low hardness and easy deformation.

Field measurement shows that the bending deformation of the faulty clamps is greater than 4.83mm, which well verifies the conclusion drawn by CATIA three-dimensional analysis,In the subsequent production, the material of the clamp is replaced with ordinary Q235A steel plate,The surface is chrome plated, which not only enhances the strength of the clamp (avoid deformation), but also reduces the production cost. Therefore, the new clamp effectively reduces the occurrence of high voltage connector joint failure.

The connector and the binding head,also named as a receptacle, plug, or socket,English name is connector.

specifically speaking,The connector is a device used to connect between the circuit conductors, transmission elements,In the two circuit subsystem,The connector provide a detachable interface, The interface should not have an unacceptable impact on the performance of the system,The connector here is normally mentioned as electric coupler, A device that connects two active devices. Which is used to transmit current or signals,normally fixed on the Cable (wire)or devices, A detachable device for electrical connection to a transmission system.

Electrical connector is a kind of component frequently contacted by electronic engineers,Their function os very simple,In the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, they work as the bridge of communication, so as to make the current flow, the circuit to achieve the intended function.Electrical connectors perform electrical connections and signal transfer between devices and devices, components and systems,It is the basic element necessary to form a complete system,Connector is an indispensable part of electronic equipment.Looking down the current path,you can always find one or more connectors.

Connectors vary a lot in forms and structures,With the differences of application object, frequency, power, application environment and other factors,There will be various forms of connectors,For example:A connector for home wiring,Connectors for lighting on the court,Hard drive connectors, communication networks connectors,Fire the rocket’s connector,Connectors with different requirements and occasions differ greatly in appearance, structure, performance, indexes, etc,But no matter what kind of connector, it is necessary to ensure that the current or signal flowing through it smoothly, continuously and reliably,With the development of science and technology, especially in the rapid development of electronic technology today,Connectors connect to more than just current or simple signals,In optical fiber systems, the carrier of signals is light, and glass and plastic replace the wires in ordinary circuits,It can be transmitted over long distances,optical signal connectors play an important role in long-distance transmission,

In China,In the industry management, connectors, switches, keyboards and other components are collectively referred to as electrical connectors,At the same time, electrical connector and relay are collectively referred to as electromechanical components.With the development of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication terminal market, China has become the world’s fastest growing connector and the largest capacity market,they are mainly used in transportation, communication, network, IT, medical treatment, home appliances, instruments and meters and other fields,Connectors have become a variety of products with complete product categories, rich variety structure, diverse structure types, professional direction segmentation, obvious industry characteristics, standard system specification series and specialization,And with the development of technology, connectors will form the following “octuplication”.Digital signal transmission, high transmission speed, integration of all kinds of signal transmission, miniaturization of product size, low cost of product, labeling of terminal connection mode of connector, modular combination, convenient insertion and extraction, etc.

The effect of the terminals is the tool when connecting low-tension cable, wires with electrical equipment(normally transformer,box,Cabinets )

The terminal is used to connect the wire. In fact,It’s a metal scrapes which is sewn into insulating plastic,Both sides have the holes which can be connected with cables.The screw is used to tighten or loosen,Like the two cables,Sometimes they connect ,sometimes they disconnect,The terminal is used to connect them together,can they cab be disconnected anytime,You don’t have to weld them together or wrap them together,It’s very convenient and fast.and very suitable for many cables connect together.In the electric power industry,There are Special terminal row,terminal box,It’s full of terminals on them,Single or double,Current, common type,A certain area of compression is required to ensure reliable contact,And to be able to get enough current through.

The terminals is a kind of accessories to realize electrical connection.It’s divided into the connectors in the industrial engineering,With the increasing degree of industrial automation Industrial controls standards are becoming more stringent,precise,The amount of terminal is increasing gradually.

①What is the condition to use terminal board?

Electrical connections between different devices need to use terminal board,Some plug-ins (modules) also require a terminal row.

②When the wiring terminal board is used in the middle of the gas cabinet?

Take a installation unit as the boundary, Terminal rows are required to access and exit the unit.

③What is the effect of the terminal board in the power distribution box?

Terminals is the special for the ground electrode,At present, China’s electricity is three-phase four-wire system, The zero line is separated from the ground line,Ground wire is generally connected to the ground wire socket, in order to protect the safety of electricity!