Imagine what would happen if there were no connectors,At that time,We must use the continuous conductor to connect the electronic circuit. For example,If the electronic equipment need to be fixed on the power supply,We must use the sides of the connecting wire to be soldered between the electronic equipment and power supply which will bring many inconvenient for both the production and usage.

Take the LED landscape lamp as an example.It’s a long distance between the power supply and the lamp holder,If it’s the wire connected between each power supply and the lamp holder.It’ll bring many unnecessary trouble for the road work,and also can cause the waste of the wire.Some people may doubt that why not directly open a gap from the firing line,then connect the electric part together,and wrap several layers of insulating glue around it.There is no need to use the connector at all,

First,The insulating tape mostly easy to age,then exist safety risk, Secondly,The connector that directly combined with electric wire have terrible mechanical property,If the circuit slightly stretching vibration,It’ll be very easy to cause disconnection,and the heat. Then it’ll possible to cause the fire hazard, Besides, the outdoor environment is bad,waterproof and anti-salt anti-aging requirements will be relatively strict.Insulation adhesive is far from meeting the requirements,But if you use high performance waterproof connectors for outdoor lighting,It not only simplifies the installation of power grids and all these safety risks will be reduced to a very low level.

Take a sample example to explain the benefits of connectors,They make the design and production process more convenient,flexible,and safer,also reduce the production and maintain cost.The connectors improve the production,simplify the the assembly process of electronic products and the mass production,easy to maintain,If An electronic component fails to work,Failure element components can be replaced quickly when connectors are installed,it’s convenient for us to upgrade,With the development of technology,Meta data can be updated when connectors are installed,Replace the old with new more complete components to improve the flexibility of design,Using connectors enables engineers to design and integrate new products and when a system is composed of components it will be more convenient.

Especially for industrial connectors,Sometimes used in harsh environments where plugging is required,then flexibility and security are more important,a simple plug and pull connector with a buckle is a wise choice at this point.

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