In the connector field, the rf coaxial connector is a subdivided category, while under the rf coaxial connector category, there are also related products about the rf coaxial cable connector components. What is an rf coaxial cable connector assembly and how its performance is affected? The Dosin hardware and electronics technician will give you some basic knowledge of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly.

It must be clear to those who are engaged in connector manufacturing that the components of the rf coaxial connector cable are composed of two rf coaxial connectors and a certain length of the rf coaxial cable through welding. Therefore, the rf coaxial cable becomes an indispensable part of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly, and its performance is directly related to the performance of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly.

Through the analysis of Dosin engineer. It is concluded that the following six main factors influencing the performance of rf coaxial cable connector components are as follows:

  1. The standing wave has bad periodicity.
  2. Poor performance due to local deformation;
  3. Impedance mismatch(high or low );
  4. The movement between the cable foaming layer and the outer conductor;
  5. The foaming layer is pasted on the inner conductor and cannot be cleaned;
  6. The inner conductor size does not meet the requirements;

The six points above are the mainly influences of the performance of the Rf coaxial cable connector assembly. So the way to enhance the ability of them is that we need to reduce the six failure modes. Meanwhile, the dimension of the inner rf connector must meet the      requirement.When we find the failure modes of Rf coaxial cable assembly, that means we also find the direction of improving the performance of them . It is of great guiding significance to improve the performance of rf coaxial cable in major manufacturers.

In addition, Dosin technicians provide you with several ways to improve cable performance, for your reference as below:

First of all, the selection of internal and external conductor materials should be done well, that is to say, the model and impedance of internal and external conductor and rf connector should be unified. Secondly, in the process of extruding insulation, we should control the foaming uniformity to a high standard, and improve the diameter uniformity of the foaming insulation wire core and the stability of capacitance. The third is to improve the concentricity of the inner and outer conductors, that is, to control the insulation of cables without eccentricity. Finally, the tolerance requirement of inner conductor should be strictly controlled.

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As to RF connectors.There is a product series which named Q9. What are the differences between BNC and Q9 connectors?It’s believed that many people do not know the answer. Technicists in Dosin will introduce the knowledge of Q9 and BNC connectors as below for you so that you can tell them apart easier.

Bnc connectors (flat patternmaking )

The full name of bnc connector is Bayonet Neill-concelman. The literal translation is
Neil-Consemman,It is consisted of a central pin,a jacket and the a SD.The outline of Q9 connector is almost the same with bnc that the layman can’t tell then apart at all.even many people have monopoly in bnc connectors also don’t know the difference about the Q9 connnector and bnc connector.

Consequently, many people sold the Q9 connector as bnc connector.

The difference between BNC connector and Q9 connector:the standard dimension of bnc is feet.specificly showed in the core (the red circle pointed by the arraows in the below picture),rubber core of bnc is thinner and further form the edge(3.8mm) than Q9 connector.Q9 is thicker and closer form the edge.

Q9 connector (flat patternmaking)

Q9 and bnc like the DB9 a couple of male and female .they are applied in the oscilloscope,signal generator ect.The caliber of Q9 and bnc have a little difference.

The central gap of bnc female is slightly bigger than Q9,Generally.The oscilloscope use bnc,Q9 is also can be pluged in.and if works for a long time,it will go wrong.The head of another half is will find that if more carefully observation.50 ohm is suitable for transfer power.75 ohm is suitable for transfer signal.the digital cable must be 75 ohm.

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Bnc connector display page:

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