With the development of science and the upgrading of the global positioning system, GPS antenna in the field of professional and business, such as convoys, exploration of science and technology, military tracking and other consumption products occupy very important position, then what is the role of it?

The first is to capture satellites and receive satellite positioning information, which is radiation and electromagnetic waves. Any high frequency circuit, as long as it is not completely shielded, can radiate electromagnetic waves more or less to the surrounding space, or receive electromagnetic waves more or less from the surrounding space.

The second function is to change the electromagnetic energy of the radio signal sent by the satellite into the current that can be absorbed by the electronic device of the receiver, that is, the energy conversion. For special equipment or car equipment, the equipment and GPS receiver module before tend to have a certain distance, so in a real environment may use more than 1 meter of feeder cable, but since there are many signal loss for feeder cable, so in this environment can only choose active GPS antenna.

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Many customers do not know how to weld after purchasing a part of the n-type rf coaxial connector. In this regard, the personnel of Dosin hardware electronics technology department will teach you step by step to practice the welding knowledge of n-type rf coaxial connector.

Step 1: peel the cable and decompose the N connector, put on the connector, gasket and washer.

Step 2: install the gasket on the shielding first.

Step 3: peel off the insulation of the exposed wire.

Step 4: Put a pin on it, not too long or too short.

Step 5: put the main body of the connector and observe the correct position of the pin.

Step 6:Tighten with a wrench.

Follow the above six steps and the installation will be successful. Dosin hardware electronics, a professional rf coaxial connector manufacturer, products custom hotline 0769-81153906。

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The power capacity of rf connectors is an important part of the standard to evaluate the quality of rf coaxial connectors. So what do you know about the power capacity of the rf coaxial connector? Dosin hardware electronics will introduce you to this knowledge in detail.

The power capacity of the rf coaxial connector is a complicated problem, which is affected by many factors.

Pin size: the size of the pin is related to the current capacity of the connector and directly affects the power.

VSWR: The reflection wave occupies the channel capacity space, resulting in the transmission power capacity reduction

Insertion loss:There is a difference between input and output power due to the existence of loss.

Air pressure (altitude):The higher the altitude, the lower the pressure, the smaller the power capacity.

Contact resistance:Contact resistance causes the contact to heat up, making it difficult to transmit high power microwave signals.

Influence of frequency:The change of transmission signal frequency directly leads to the change of loss and VSWR, which affects the transmission power capacity.

For the above reasons are uncertain factors, so the connector is generally not given power capacity value indicators, only in the load, attenuator and other technical indicators of microwave passive components can indicate the index.

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There are many kinds of rf coaxial connectors, including BNC, TNC, f, n, sma, SMB, MCX/MMCX, etc. It is a matter of great concern for users to choose a good quality connection that meets their needs in such a variety of connectors.

So how to choose the high quality rf coaxial connector?  Dosin hardware electronics will tell you more details about that.

What kind of rf coaxial connector is high quality, and how to choose such a product? When selecting, we need to take into account the interface type, electrical performance and connection form.

(1).  Interface type

RF connectors are connected not only to provide convenient and fast connection or separation of coaxial cables, but also to provide stable electrical performance and environmental protection devices.

(2). electrical performance


b.Withstand voltage;

c.Maximum efficiency

(3).Connection form

Connectors can be used for rf coaxial cable, circuit board, etc.Before using, you must be familiar with the performance of the selected product. When installing the cable connector, you should follow the assembly instructions provided by the supplier.

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