Since Dosin hardware electronic founded, we have always asked ourselves to set the right values, because we always believe that the right values can lead the Dosin to the ultimate success. Our values are mainly reflected in four aspects: integrity, responsibility, collaboration and innovation.


What is said here is not only the requirement of others, but also the requirement of oneself. We strictly abide by the laws and the policies of the company to treat people sincerely.

2、 Responsibility

Take every responsibility and make sure you can get it done. If there is a problem, it will be solved in time. At the same time, the company will make some rules and regulations to restrain each employee.

3、 Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration. In our work, we value the team’s strength and overcome the difficulties with the team. At the same time, we will conduct regular interactive activities to promote understanding and deepen the friendship between employees .



Innovation is the key to the vitality of enterprises. In our work, we will continuously accept challenges, not only challenge our competitors, but also challenge ourselves.

At the same time, we attach importance to the opinions of each employee to study its feasibility.

In addition, we respect the opinions of the customers and conduct research on that to see if it is feasible. If yes, we will take action immediately to produce better quality products and serve customers better.


Dosin hardware electronic, as a professional RF connector manufacturer, which has focused on RF connector production research and development and sales for thirteen years, precipitated the rich technical experience .

Dosin hardware electronic has gained a good reputation in the national RF connector market, and the products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions at home and abroad by cooperating with the foreign trade team Renhotec company.

Dosin Hardware Electronics, which is experienced in research and development of BNC video monitoring for thirteen years, can skilled solve various production design problem, welcome to purchase and custom BNC connectors.

Choose Dosin, choose to rest assured, we have the ISO certification, and support one year warranty for secure procurement!

After a round of market investigation, we found that Dosin Hardware Electronics produces the BNC connector with the head of fine materials. Compared with the iron plating copper or iron plating tin on the market, the head of fine materials avoid the Iron easily oxidized and often needs to be changed of cables; at the same time, it is guaranteed the quality of the image transmission and more easier for welding at the time of construction .

Price is a concern of many customers, Dosin Hardware Electronics’ BNC connector, which belongs to the factory direct production and sale, delivery timely, without intermediate links. Meanwhile, our price will be slightly lower relative to the BNC connectors on the market , and can also be guaranteed of the quality, so choose Doisn BNC connectors is the most smart choice!

If you are interested in purchasing the BNC connectors, you can call us immediately at 0769-81153906.Welcome to inquiry, there was an unexpected discount if you place an order before the end of this year!

The rf connector identification, the most professional presentation, has been sorted out for you. If you are interested in one of products, please call our hotline: 0769-81153906, we will assist your purchasing. Each of the following product pictures are from Dosin electronic editorial team, which are carefully taken by our actual products.All of our rf series products have passed ISO certification, in line with international environmental requirements, and we accept custom, promise one year warranty.

BNC Plug (Male)

BNC Jack (Female)

RP-BNC Plug (Male)

RP-BNC Jack (Female)


N Jack (Female)

SMA Plug (Male)

SMA Jack (Female)

RP-SMA Plug (Male)

RP-SMA Jack (Female)

TNC Plug (Male)

TNC Jack (Female)

RP-TNC Plug (Male)

RP-TNC Jack (Female)

FME Plug (Male)

FME Jack (Female)

SMB Plug (Male)

SMB Jack (Female)

MC Card Plug (Male)

MCX Plug (Male)

MCX Jack (Female)

MMCX Plug (Male)

MMCX Jack (Female)


UHF Plug (Male)

UHF Jack (Female)

Mini-UHF Plug (Male)

Mini-UHF Jack (Female)


CRC9 (Huawei) Right
Angle Plug (Male)

TS-9 Right Angle
Plug (Male)

F Plug (Male)

F Jack (Female)

QMA Plug (Male)

QMA Jack (Female)

NMO Jack (Female)

7/16 DIN Female

7/16 DIN Male


For more technical documents related to rf connectors, the Dosin hardware electronic editing team will be successively arranged and updated on the website, you can visit our website ( for review.
Dosin Hardware Electronics, which has 13 years of experience in RF connectors production, research and development of rf connector design problems can be solved quickly, have their own production base, delivery timely and reliable!


If an rf adapter or a cable assembly is evaluated by the rf testing and measurement perspective, the engineer is not only concerned with the target at the time of delivery, but also is more concerned with its service life.

The life of the rf cable assembly depends on three factors: the bending resistance of the cable ; Good connections between cables and connectors and their anti-bending properties; Connector’s service life. For the first two factors, the jig or specification operator action can be taken to ensure that for the life of the connector: for the connector’s life, can only rely on the quality of the connector itself and the assembly process.

In normal condition, the life of the rf connector will be well over 500 times standard. The insertion loss of rf connector increases gradually with mechanical wear. However, the VSWR has hardly changed. If there is no obvious fault of the cable, the compulsory scrapping system should be established to guarantee the test index.