The intermodulation distortion of rf passive devices is caused by the non-source intermodulation (PIM) due to its nonlinear characteristics, and this is also the case with connectors.

There are many reasons for the non-linearity of rf connectors or cable assemblies. For example, the contact of the conductor is bad, the surface coating is uneven, the surface of the metal is oxidized, and the surface of the contact surface is impurities and surface corrosion. In addition, magnetic materials such as nickel and steel produce nonlinear factors.

Integration of inner conductor and outer conductor welding structure, so that we can guarantee the rf connector low tonal, also can avoid due to wind, vibration, and heat bilges cold shrink effect produced by the poor contact. The surface coating of the connector is also very important. The inner conductor can be plated with gold or silver plating, and the outer conductor can be plated with silver or ternary alloy to ensure the passive intermodulation index.

From the 1960s, China began to manufacture the RF connectors with the machine factory. In the 70s, it produced by professional manufacturer. Before the 80s, according to the principle self-reliance, our products were based on imitation of Soviet products. Since the 1980s, international standards have been adopted to produce the international series products, Mainly state-owned and collective enterprises, a number of private, joint ventures and foreign enterprises. At present, there are several hundred RF connector manufacturers in China, but the scale is small. The production means of the key manufacturers and the production level of the general connectors are comparable with those in foreign countries.

The current problem:

The scale is too small.

The concept of market competition did not conform to the development of The Times , the market has already appeared below the cost of sales, there are other unfair competition.

The poor sense of globalization cannot meet the needs of the new economic times.

Digital and e-commerce management lags behind.

Colleges and universities do not have RF connector major, resulting in a shortage of professionals.

The influx of foreign capital and local production.

Precision connector, table patch connector technology is backward.

The problem of passive intermodulation has not attracted enough attention.


Development trend:


Since the market is becoming increasingly competitive, various types of connector products have also entered the equipment upgrade competition. As the world’s largest manufacturer of connector products, China has the largest import and export trade in the world.

Rf coaxial connector not only plays a role of bridge, and have the function of signal processing, such as filtering, phase modulation, mixing, attenuation, detection, clipping, functional diversification, can meet the demand of the rf coaxial connector customers.

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What do you know about the RF connectors? In this article, Dosin Hardware Electronic will tell you some content of the development trend for the RF connectors. After reading, you will know more deeply.

1. Miniaturization: with the miniaturization of the whole machine system, the volume of RF connectors is smaller and smaller, such as SSMB and MMCX series, which are very small.

2. High frequency: HP of the US has launched RF connectors with frequency of 110GHz as early as several years ago. Domestic general products frequency no more than 40GHz. Soft cable shall not be used more than 10GHz, and a half – rigid cable shall not exceed 20GHz.

3. Multi-function: besides the function of bridge, it has the function of processing signal, such as filtering, phasing, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting, etc.

4. Low VSWR: meet the requirements of weapon system and precision measurement.

5. Large capacity and high power: large capacity and high power mainly adapt to the development of information superhighway.

6. Surface mounting: it mainly adapt to the development of SMT (surface mount technology), and facilitates the simplification of the layout design of multi-layer printed boards.

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The demands today for cables and connectors is becoming higher, though they may not always be the most important part that one consider for a project, but they really do and are used in many fields,including for mini device.

Technology is stepping forward at a rapid pace when it come to electronics,machines are getting smaller and more complex, smart phone,medical imaging device,even for a remote sensor accessing military satellite systems, as components manufactures are trying hard to follows it’s pace. But meanwhile,these devices should be strong enough to withstand great abrasion,and could provide data transfer and connection without obstruction.

The new requirements for manufacturing electronic products means new design for connector assembly.(Fig 1).But the new design is always not that easy, as the connector itself must be micro-miniature and sub-miniature.In addition, manufactures(OEMs) need to provide customized options, they’re working hard to meet the requirements for those changing RF by offering reliable port, trusted connection and portable feature.

This picture shows an example of a microwave connector used in various RF filter.

When Performance and Space Matters

For making smaller electronic devices, RF trends are moving towards to lower profile components. Devices still have complex assemblies, yet the requirements for size and weight are significantly lower to expect for better portable features.

· Based on the plug type for connectors,many OEMs are seeking microwave components for high-speed interfaces up to 67GHz in order to utilize 1.85-mm connectors for higher mating cycles

Newer Design Capabilities for reducing Compression

When it comes to coaxial cable, the first thing we need to care is the rigid design of cable for the conduct point if connector.Terminated cable will be under compression when being twisted and turned over,which impact on the endurance and has bad influence on the performance.

This kind of RF trends require the connectors to be designed more flexible.Manufactures are researching for a good method to make sure that the connector will be good matched with the Fail-proof coupling nut when getting the cable plug in.(Fig 2)

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